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c2eMusic July 2015
  • Posted:
  • August 1, 2015

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This months mix has been kinda ready for most of July.  The bare bones were first played in early July and I spent most of the month listening to it on the way to and from work.  It was finally recorded during the last show of the month, and if you live in California or Hawaii it was released in July 🙂

There are quite a few vocal tracks this month, in fact for the first time in a long time I bought more soulful house than deep house.  It’s a big mix with artists like Louie Vega, Spen, Joey Negro, Detroit Swindle, Glen Underground, Opolopo and Soledrifter.

We get a couple of very different sounding tracks in the middle.  “Summer Vacation”by Lay-Far sounds pretty sparse, but has big punchy beats and crackin’ synths.  Meanwhile the track that follows is much more obscure.  It sounds like something you could imagine being played at a traditional Mediterranean wedding with everyone up in a circle.
The latter part of the mix stays pretty civilised too.  Still plenty to work a sweat up with, but no big beasties.

As the mix comes to a close we get a blast from the past, but with a twist.  Hardrive “Deep Inside”is one of my favourites, but this is the lesser know release from 95 which opened the excellent MAW MOS Sessions album.

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7: Rhemi, Hanlei – robaxin 500mg online (Original Mix)
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12: robaxin no prescriptiomethocarbamol robaxin 500 mg canadian (Louie Vega & DJ Spen Dub Mix)
13: Groove Cocktail, Kasia Malenda  – buy robaxin from india (Deeplomatik mix)
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22: Oliver Dollar, Chuck Daniels – robaxin get you high
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25: Hardrive – Deep Inside (Deep inside Remix)
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