c2eMusic MAW Volume 2
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  • January 23, 2016

C2eMusic MAW Session Vol2 by C2emusic on Mixcloud

Back when I did MAW Vol1 I really didn’t expect it to take a year to release volume two. There are so many tracks to choose from that I thought Vol2 would be out the following month! The thing about mixing MAW tracks though is that the production is so full and so rich, it makes it tough to find gaps to slide the tracks together. Some might argue all the big tracks have already been heard in volume one, but I would disagree, nearly all my MAW faves are in here, I’m a sucker for the stripped down dub in case you haven’t already noticed.

MAW have made so many tracks with great openings that it was really hard to pick the first track (that took 10 months!!) In the end I went for the vocal stormer “Desire” to kick things off, hey why mess about! Track two was another toughie and after lots of experimenting Kenny Lattimore’s “Days Like This” was a winner. The clock is then wound back to 1992 for Trey Lorenz “Photograph Of Mary”. “Give It Up” slows the mix back down slightly, but the production is so deep it had to be done. Now the next track is cheating a little bit as Kenny Dope has only really edited the great work already done by Joey Negro who in turn was enriching the hugely talented Blaze, but it works for me, and it’s my mix.

No arguments over the next track, I have said it before and I’ll say it again, “No Cure” is one of my favourite MAW tracks, top five stuff. I couldn’t tell you exactly why, I just love it. Same again with the next track “What A Sensation” which is top three for me. I first heard it on the MOS Session 5 that the Masters created, luckily I had it on CD, otherwise it would have been worn out within weeks. Those tribal drums and synths are unreal and then to top it off India is in there too. fast forward to 2000 and we have another production rich track “Never Forget”, the electric guitar has never sounded so sexy. We then come right up to date with another Kenny Dope remix and this one’s legit, “Oh Lord” has a very distinct flavour. The next track is what happens when you put a crazy heap of talent in a studio together, “Beautiful People” for some is the epitome of MAW.

“Oye Como Va” is another track from the MOS sessions mix again featuring the incredible vocal skills of India. If Volume One belonged to Louie, then Volume Two has Kenny all over it. “The Bomb” is aptly named. The air macks in the intro and outro are in my top three MAW tunes, yes it was commercialised in the UK, but its guaranteed to get my feet stomping every time. We have more hot stuff from Miss Tucker with “Stay Together” before heading back to Kenny’s place again for an incredible mix of the Brand New Heavies “I Don’t Know Why”. Louie ends the mix with Sara Devine and “Take Me Home”, a great track I caned to death back in 2003, vintage Vega and one of the reasons we’re all addicted to this thing called house.

1) Nu Colours – Devine
2) Kenny Lattimore – Days Like This
3) Trey Lorenz – Photograph Of Mary
4) Rain a Lil Louis Painting – Give It Up
5) Blaze – Wishing You Were Here (Kenny Dope Edit)
6) Hardrive – No Cure
7) KenLou 3 – What A Sensation (Sensational Mix)
8) Hardrive 2000 – Never Forget (When You Touch Me)
9) Mishal Moore – Oh Lord (Kenny Dope Mix)
10) Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People (Underground Network Mix)
11) Tito Puente Jr & The Latin Rhy – Oye Como Va
12) Kenny Dope Presents “The Bucketheads” – The Bomb
13) Barbara Tucker – Stay Together
14) Brand New Heavies ft N’Dea Davenport – I Don’t Know Why (I Love You)(Kenny Dope Mix)
15) Sara Devine – Take Me Home


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