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c2eMusic Radio Show – 02/05/13 – Duvet Sessions
  • Posted:
  • May 4, 2013

The last few mixes with the exception of the recent Pure V have been deep and chunky so I felt it was time to add a spoonful of mellow.

The result is the Duvet Sessions which has a much more soulful feel. It was another last minute trolley dash around the music supermarket just before the show. This time however I forgot to hit record during the show, so we had to come back and do it all again the following night.

As this mix shows – there may not be the same quantity on the soulful house scene, but the quality is still top drawer.
Have to call out the Deep City Soul boys who have three remixes in here.  Great work fellas – you are on fire right now.
The last third of the mix has a nice warm bounce to it thanks to Ross Couch and Danny J Lewis. We finish up with a track that is sped up from 114 to 124 but still sounds great.
As you’ll hear this is definitely a mix to listen to while you curl up with a warm cuppa in your duvet on a Sunday morning. A rare glimpse of my softer side.

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1: nonprescriptionrobaxin – Toxic (Salah Ananse Sunday School)
2: how to order robaxin online – Lady Harlem (Agent X Strictly Beatdown Remix)
3: buy robaxin otc – Sympathy In A Club
4: getting high off robaxin – Stella
5: Victor Eich – Downtown
6: buy robaxin no prescription – Fathers (Dub)
7: robaxin no prescription canada – Winds Of Victoria (Deep City Soul Remix)
8: can a senior buy robaxin – Love Will Save The Day (Zulu Mafia Mix)
9: get robaxin online no prescription – Facade (DeepCitySoul Mix)
10: robaxin without rx – Where Did You Go (Atjazz Mix)
11: robaxin 500mg online – Honey Drip
12: robaxin otc usa – Perfectly (Atjazz Remix)
13: robaxin 500mg suppliers – Move (Ft Lady J) (Sean McCabe Moov & Groov Vocal)
14: robaxin high – Thankful
15: robaxin for sale no – Let Yourself Go (Joey Negro Club Mix)
16: robaxin mail order – Confession
17: buy robaxin 750 mg no prescription – Don’t You Love Me (Sean McCabe Dub Remix)
18: buy robaxin from mexico – Somebody Like You
19: how much robaxin to get high – When The Sun Breaks The Clouds
20: robaxin no prescriptio – Open House (Danny J Lewis Remix)
21: methocarbamol robaxin 500 mg canadian – Run Away (Maurice Joshua Remix)
22: buy robaxin from india – Let Me Show You Love (Gerd’s Crooklyn Full Vox Mix)
23: will robaxin get you high – Song For You
24: robaxin canada – Love Withdrawl



Bruce Henry

2013-05-15 07:59:43 indian pharmacy robaxin

Notify me for more updates.

Thank you!

Bruce Henry


2013-06-05 17:45:26 no prescription robaxin buy

I would like to thank you first for the great time, I love your mix you r one of the best pls keep up the good work we surely are enjoying it..